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Learning how to insert a tampon for the first time can seem a little weird and scary , but it's really nothing to worry about. Learn the best way to insert and use tampons with U by Kotex. That's why the Playtex® Sport® Compact tampon is 30% smaller than our full-size tampons*, with an easy pull-and-click design that's portable and discrete. So, break a sweat without sweating it, knowing you've got Sport Level Protection® in a compact size tampon.

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Inserting a tampon is a rite of passage for every teenage girl, so it's important to know how to insert a tampon the right way. It could seem tricky at first, but after. Directions. How to use: 1. Wash your hands first. Take off the tampon's plastic wrap and throw it away, but don't flush it! 2. Check the applicator to make sure the . Learn how to use tampons and discover the U by Kotex line.

U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons, Multipack, Regular/Super Absorbency Use U by Kotex Barely There Liners for backup protection. Thank You Is. To a beginner, using a tampon may seem like a daunting task. but these U by Kotex Fitness tampons come with their own FitPak so you can. Kotex recalled certain types of U by Kotex tampons after reports that the norm after using a tampon (like irritation or pain) or if you notice your.

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Use U by Kotex Barely There Liners for backup protection. U by Kotex Click Regular Tampons capture and absorb fluid for powerful period protection in every. U by Kotex Fitness Super Absorbency Tampons with FITPAK case, designed to keep your compact tampons ready for use; The FITPAK case is durable, compact . On Thursday, NPR reported that multinational personal care corporation Kimberley-Clark voluntarily recalled some U by Kotex tampons, which. U by Kotex® pads, tampons and liners are not made with Fragrance or Natural Rubber Latex. †We do not use chlorine bleaching for pulps used in our products. Need additional coverage? Use U by Kotex Barely There Liners for backup protection. U by Kotex Click Unscented Plastic Tampons Regular Absorbency, 18 . Kimberly-Clark recalls Kotex tampons that can unravel inside body symptoms from use of its regular absorbency U by Kotex Sleek Tampons. Some Kotex tampons were unraveling inside people's bodies. who have tampons labeled with certain lot numbers should not use them, and. A defect in certain lots of Kotex tampons has caused some users to seek said most people who use tampons do not have an issue with them. Some Kotex tampons have been recalled after reports that the feminine-care product was unraveling and coming apart inside consumers'. Kotex Tampons Are Being Recalled & Here's What You Need To Know Consumers can also use the Kotex lot number checker on the.