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Need to translate I am sorry to Punjabi? Here's how you say it. How to say Hello! and Goodbye in Punjabi! How to say yes and no in Punjabi! I'm sorry. (m/f) ਮੈਨੂ ਮਾਫ ਕਰੋ, ਮੈਨੂ ਮਾਫ ਕਰੋ. Mainnu maaf karo, I'm. menu maafh kardoh= please forgive me meri galti di mafhi= im sorry for my mistake meh sharmindah ha= im sorry.

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maaf karo – Sorry How does a woman say to a man in Punjabi, “I miss you”? .. Im punjabi and it just means ” father” .. i mean it is a old word well i guess. A collection of useful phrases in Punjabi in the the Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi alphabets, transliterated into the Latin alphabet, with recordings for most ਤੁਸੀਂ ਕੀੱਥੋਂ ਹੋ? / تُسیں کتھے دے ہو؟ (tusing kiṭhong ho?) I'm from. I don't speak Punjabi, مینوں اینی پنجابی نہیں بولنی آؤندی۔ Sorry · ਖਿਮਾ/ਮਾਫ਼ ਕਰੋ ਜੀ।. How to say you're sorry in numerous languages with recordings for some of them. Amharic, አዝናለሁ (azənallähw)- I am sorrowful. Arabic (Egyptian), m.

Familiarise yourself with the basic Punjabi phrases and idioms and add charm to your personality People in the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi also speak Punjabi. I am fine, , Main theek haan Sorry, , Mauf karna. Mainum maf karna, tusim ki kiha. I'm sorry, what did you say? Mainum maf karna. I'm sorry. Mari Panjabi karke maf karna ji. Please forgive my poor Punjabi. Meaning and definitions of sorry, translation in Punjabi language for sorry with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of sorry in Punjabi.

(paase ho ja); I'm sorry.. (maaf karna); Goodbye: ('_') Sikh: (Sat Sri Akal); Goodbye (informal)Sikh: (Sat Sri Akal); I can't speak name of language [well]. [ ]. Punjabi is much more than just a language. (All other regional languages are as well, so no offense) It can be spoken by true feelings and love. Common Punjabi Phrases: I'm looking to learn some common phrases so I can do The first phrase I learned in Spanish was I am sorry I don't speak Spanish; . an apology while on holiday, learn to say I'm sorry in different languages from around the world. accompanied by a tranlsation of the words 'I'm sorry' in each particular language. . Punjabi, ਖਿਮਾ/ਮਾਫ਼ ਕਰੋ ਜੀ।. How do I say these in punjabi? Please write in gurmukhi script then english- phonetics.:) I'm sorry. I don't understand. Hello Goodbye How are you? I'm well. My best friend (punjabi) just lost his father and he's always been one to teach me words in punjabi. I wanted to go to him and tell him, in punjabi, that I'm sorry for. I don't know. I don't understand. I have forgotten the word. I only know a few words of Punjabi. I speak only a little Punjabi. I'm sorry, what did you say? I'm sorry. What did you say? Mainu maaf karna. I'm sorry. Madi Punjabi karke maaf karna ji. Please forgive me for my poor Punjabi. Kirpa karke hauli-hauli bolo. Test the Punjabi course now and get started right away ✓ 17 minutes of learning a day Meanwhile I am very happy to be able to speak and write the language!. sorry - Meaning in punjabi, what is meaning of sorry in punjabi dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of sorry in punjabi and English.