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Simone Arianne Biles (born March 14, ) is an American artistic gymnast. Biles is the With the help of his second wife, Nellie Cayetano Biles, Shanon's father Ron (who had two nearly-adult sons, Ron Jr. and Adam), began . Whether she's in the ballroom or the gym, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles continues to be an inspiration. In honor of the episode's theme, Most Memorable Year, the year-old looked back on — the year she was adopted. RELATED: Our hero Simone Biles just put body-shamers. NBC gymnastics announcer Al Trautwig decided that gymnastics phenom Simone Biles' parents—her maternal grandparents, who legally.

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Biles' biological mother was a drug addict. Simone Biles' real mom gave her away to her parents for adoption. Still Simone overcame this. Simone Biles has become, unsurprisingly, one of the biggest stars of the Olympic Games, earning a handful of gold medals and further. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is at the top of her career. Not only is she bubbly and fun and sweet, but her gym skills are unparalleled, and the.

By now, Simone Biles' history as a gymnast has been well-documented: she became interested in the sport at the age of 6, and has basically. Find out more about the life of athlete Simone Biles, one of Ron and grandmother Nellie, after their mother's struggle with substance abuse. This is borne out by the scene at the World Champions Center, which is owned by Biles' parents, Nellie and Ron. At one end, toddlers play with.

When she was just 6 years old, two very important things happened in Simone Biles's life: First, her grandmother adopted her and her younger. Simone's life story is no secret to the public. The Olympic gymnast and her younger sister were placed in foster care as children due to their. The way Al Trautwig talked about Simone Biles' parents is a good lesson to anyone who has anything to say about athletes at the Olympics.

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Simone Biles spoke about the difference her parents have made in her life on the moving Most Memorable Year episode of Dancing with the. Through Mattress Firm Foster Kids, Simone Biles encourages foster kids even though foster parents may receive a stipend, sometimes it's not. U.S. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles was adopted by her grandpa and his wife long ago. When a newscaster didn't call them her parents. An NBC Olympic commentator received harsh backlash after he made very insensitive comments about Simone Biles' parents. Even though she's not in Rio de Janeiro to watch her daughter win Olympic gold from the stands, the biological mother of Simone Biles is. Simone Biles' parents Getty Images. When Biles was just a toddler, she was faced with a significant lifestyle change. Both she and her siblings were taken away. Simone Biles is opening up about the year she was adopted by her parents, in a ' Dancing with the Stars' clip that will make you bawl. Simone Biles: My adoptive parents were brave Simone Biles is a four-time Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. The views expressed in. Simone Biles is the only female gymnast in history to win three consecutive . (In the world of competitive gymnastics, Biles actually got a late start; parents who. Simone Biles' mother struggled with drug addiction and gave Simone up for adoption. How did adoption help her become world famous?.