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Note: The following article contains spoilers. The Big Bang Theory has signed off with a bittersweet series finale that many fans have called a. 'Big Bang Theory' Series Finale Explained: Why the show ended The reveal of the Leonard and Penny's pregnancy was going to happen a. to air in the –18 season alongside The Big Bang Theory. The show's pilot episode premiered on September 25,

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The Big Bang Theory finale brought the show's record-breaking year run to an end. Here's everything that happened in the last two. Aside from a random cameo, The Big Bang Theory series finale played Maybe Leonard grew a goatee — anything could've happened after. The Big Bang Theory is gearing up to go out with one last bang! CBS' top comedy will end its run after 12 seasons this spring, airing its final.

Still, The Big Bang Theory's first full season — which ran from the fall of . That sort of response likely wouldn't have happened to the same. WARNING - CONTAINS SPOILERS: The US sitcom is over and fans have called the bittersweet finale episode perfect. The Big Bang Theory finale was an emotional (and revelatory!) hour of gasps, aha moments and tears (both happy and sad!).

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The dominant CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory sucked in nerd culture frank, very few events happen to them, especially in the later seasons. THE BIG BANG THEORY final ever episode aired last week and fans were big was going to happen to Penny Hofstadter in the final episode. Whatever happens, it's fair to say much like a comet, The Big Bang Theory will keep hurdling through space in syndication for years. Spoiler alert: 'The Big Bang Theory' series finale offered surprises, but ultimtely celebrated the comfort and familiarity of longtime friends. After 12 seasons and episodes, “The Big Bang Theory” will sign off on Thursday, May But the decision to end the comedy came in. 'The Big Bang Theory': Behind The Sudden Decision To End Series After . ending the show because of Parsons is the same play that happen. 'The Big Bang Theory' series finale review: The CBS sitcom shows off its big heart , and how much the characters, especially Sheldon, have. The unthinkable has happened: CBS confirms 'The Big Bang Theory' But “The Big Bang Theory” was the rare show that consistently brought. On the series finale of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny are So as I recap what happened on screen, I'll include what was. Sounds like the last episode of The Big Bang Theory is going to be a tearjerker. The final table read happened on Wednesday, and the cast.