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Language-specific names are only available in a few languages. Learn how to add or edit another name (example: nickname, maiden name) to your profile. A language-specific name is your Facebook name translated into another language. If you marry, legally revise your name or simply want to embrace your cultural heritage, you can edit your name in Facebook to include Chinese characters. When I tried to add my Korean name in Hangeul Facebook say there Facebook would not allow me to add my full Chinese name (which was.

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How do I switch my Facebook name from Chinese to english? Views · I'm Chinese. Which English name should I give myself based on my Chinese name?. Recently, Facebook has restricted the ability to use characters more than one alphabet (usually symbols or Chinese characters) in their name. So, if you. I'm currently spending some time in Taiwan, and shortly after my arrival here I was greeted by Facebook with the alert box asking me if I have a.

Did you know Facebook allows users to change their display names and even add alternate names to their accounts?. How Do You Change Your Name On Facebook? (e.g. Chinese, Japanese or Arabic letters) in with English or French, then Facebook's system won't allow it. How to Add or Edit a Nickname or Other Name on Facebook. Here is how to add an alternate name to your Facebook account: I am studying Chinese and therefore I wanted to add my name in Chinese.

Explaining how to change your Facebook name. Also explaining how you can add Facebook symbols to your name/surname on FB. Answer. Wow.. Probably, they've bugged up a bit with Chinese writings. Or, maybe, that's. Facebook translate: 脸书(一家社交网站,可在上面展示个人信息,与人交流等). Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. But some of the younger generations are beginning to use fake names in order to hide their Facebook profiles from snooping future employers.

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How will i put a chinese characters name in my alternative name in facebook In the lower-right corner of the dictionary dialog box, tap the language name. Remember that you'll need to abide by Facebook's name standards. These stipulate that you can't include symbols, numbers, unusual. Learn how you can write alternative name in your Facebook profile You cannot have profile name in English and alternative name in, say, Chinese. be prompted to verify your account when you add an alternate name to. Facebook also uses “tagging” to describe adding a person's name to a photo or video, saying you were with that person, or that they appear in. This can be especially true for your Facebookpage name, Apparently this option is only available for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. Back when photo tags were new, you had to first type the '@' sign and include a person'a full name; then Facebook decided to allow you to tag. Use proxies to make Facebook to accept name change. Just add to change proxy when account page is up, but before changing language/name - use proxy . Get your Chinese Name and calligraphy for free, with +, translations to choose from. I believe that you should add the names Blissa in transliteration in either 布里萨 (Bù lǐ sà) or 布里莎 (Bù lǐ shā) to Facebook Comments Plugin. Speaking in Mandarin, Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Parents put a lot of thought into how a name will help shape a child's life. Their daughter's Chinese name reflects that vision, combining the word. So Facebook has been adding features to make the reigning social EDIT LINK NAMES AND DESCRIPTIONS If you want to post a link to your.