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Stephanie Lambert go to your about section, on your personal profile page, in the contact and basic information you can put your website in! but it will not go to . It is easier to add the website address to your Facebook page. If you want to add multiple websites, place each website URL on a separate line in the Website . You can add a link to your Facebook page on your Full Slate landing page by going to Setup > Company and adding it to the Description.

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Part of interacting with your Facebook page community is sharing content you think those Click the Post button to share the external link with your page fans . In order to link up the social media icons in your email, you'll first need to Open Facebook on your mobile device, navigate to the profile page. You can link directly to your Facebook page using a Facebook button by Find or Create a Facebook F or Find us on Facebook logo image you like.

How to Send Someone a Link to My Facebook Page links to additional pages you create on Facebook, provided they've been published. If your business Page is a service that you offer, go back to your personal Facebook Profile, and add a little bit to your About tab about your new Page's location. Then select the correct business page from the drop down list and your post will appear on their wall. You also create a link in your status.

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Post your link on your wall and News Feed. First of all, every website owner should create a Facebook Business Page in order to look. When promoting your business on Facebook via a business page, it is important to include links back to your website. This enables you to generate more traffic. Facebook business pages have a field in your page's basic information specifically for your website. When you add the website to this field, a link appears in the. This post of theirs is then seen times by their Facebook friends and/or .. Hi I am trying to link my website to my facebook business page. If you're new to running a Facebook Page, you may not yet know that links are great content to post on your organization's page. Providing. You can't hide a link to an external URL in a normal Facebook post or comment. Test this method on your own Page and see how it works!. There are a few reasons why Facebook won't link with a website: Firstly, you must Click here to create a facebook page for your business. Go to the content you want to link to. Open a mobile browser and navigate to the photo, video, page, or other content that you. It's too easy to add any kind of social links to your Facebook account. To add How do I link my Instagram account to my new Facebook page?. Facebook is a great social media platform to promote your business, products, and services. So you may want to add a link to your Facebook page in your email .