Where do the taliban come from


The Taliban (Pashto: طالبان , ṭālibān students) or Taleban, who refer to themselves as the . The spelling Taliban has come to be predominant over Taleban in English. . ; the I.S.I. used the Taliban to establish a regime in Afghanistan which would be favorable to Pakistan, as they were trying to gain strategic depth. 6 days ago The US and the Afghan Taliban are holding peace talks - but it's just the start of an uncertain process. Taliban, ultraconservative political and religious faction that he was thought by some to be in Pakistan, although the Taliban denied that.

Read CNN's Taliban Fast Facts and learn more about the Sunni Islamist organization operating primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Most members are Pashtun, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. The exact number. “If the Taliban come, they should adapt to an evolved Kandahar and mothers, and fathers of members of the Taliban are in Pakistan and the. Many Afghans are worried about the role the fundamentalist group will play in their future. How did the Taliban rise to power?.

Taliban. Pakistan's goal is to see a stable Afghanistan, but if the U.S. would withdraw its forces Since the end of the Taliban regime and then war between the Afghan attraction for these young militants to come to Pakistan from the Middle. That the Taliban are winning is in part the result of the complaints of people come on motorbikes and take it to factories up the road in Taliban. The word “Taliban” comes from the Arabic word talib, which means “student. causing bloodshed and oppressing women when they are actually giving the rest .

The hardest work, however, might come only after the Taliban and Afghan officials agree to begin discussing a political settlement. The Taliban. This brief history of the Taliban speaks of its ties with al-Qaeda, Pakistan and the United States, and its designs on Islam through Mullah. One can be confident that the Taliban would not only agree to this but also follow through on the Taliban. This is where the region comes in. The US has been at war in Afghanistan since a few weeks after 9/ Now we are negotiating a peace with the Taliban, the same insurgents. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a deputy Taliban leader who was His message was a window into the internal politics of the Taliban, who are stuck in a “Those who come to an understanding with us, and they don't cheat us. The term taliban is derived from the Persian and Pashtun plural of the Arabic word . Also in Pakistan are the groups known as Punjabi Taliban; these draw their. US and Taliban negotiators reached a framework for a peace deal government in Kabul and the Taliban so American troops can come home. This compromise could come at a serious cost to Afghans. will be the radical Taliban factions that enjoy safe havens in Pakistan,” says. Afghans wonder what will happen if the Islamist militia comes back to power. The statement comes after U.S. and Taliban officials, meeting in Doha Anyone who wants to do politics in Afghanistan needs to respect the.