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What size turkey for 16 people


How many people does a pound turkey feed? For turkeys smaller than 16 pounds, estimate 1 pound per serving (this But if your goal is to have ample leftovers, aim for 1½ pounds per person whatever the turkey's size. Buying the wrong size turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner is like how much turkey you'll need based on the number of people you're serving. I think that the best thing about Thanksgiving (aside from spending it with friends and family members) is the turkey. You eat it the day of with.

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Number of guests: Size of turkey: 8 people, pounds. 10 people, pounds. 12 people, pounds. 14 people, pounds. 16 people, 24 pounds. This easy Calculator is the way to estimate the size of Turkey you need for Adults; Children. Want leftovers? No. Yes. 0 lbs or 0 kg. Whole bird size. No matter the size of your crew, here's how big of a bird you'll need. Sure, you know how much stuffing to make for eight people, but how.

We have about 16 guests and fry two 15 pound turkeys and serve an 8 pound spiral sliced ham enough for guests to take a plate home and. Tips for deciding what size turkey to buy for your holiday gathering, and about pounds of the entire turkey per person for a small gathering (4 to 8 people), of the entire, larger turkey per person for a larger group (10 to 16). This script creates a guideline as to quantity or amount of turkey, stuffing and gravy Enter the number of adults that are having dinner and the number of children that are to be fed. especially if the turkey is a large size, but it is absolutely the safest method for thawing. 13 to 16 pound frozen turkey, Allow 3 to 4 days.

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For a perfectly moist and tender turkey, follow these tips to assure the bird is the star at your Thanksgiving table. Find out how to choose a turkey that's right for you with help from Butterball®. Get tips on what size to get depending on how large of a turkey or chicken you're buying. 4 people, turkey breast In general, roasters with inside dimensions of approximately 16 x The basic rule of thumb? One pound of turkey per person, unless you want lots of leftovers. The Wright Size. It is always difficult to order the perfect sized turkey for the family since personal appetites vary so much. people, – kg, kg. What size turkey to buy. Roasted turkey. kg serves ; 3kg serves ; kg serves ; kg serves ; kg serves ; kg serves For many people, Christmas dinner is the biggest food event of the year, but what you don't want is mountains of food waste, so it's good to work out the amount. Our simple guide will help you find the turkey that works for you, be it a crown, a whole bird or a boneless joint. Visit Waitrose & Partners for expert advice now. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it's time to panic make plans for your turkey dinner. How much turkey do you need per person, though?. We tell you how much turkey you need to feed 8, 13, or 60 people. A pound bird should feed everyone, plus supply plenty of leftovers for.