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Jet li vs bruce lee who would win


Who would win in a real fight between Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Donnie Even to answer the question of Michael jai white vs bruce Lee. Jackie Chan vs Bruce Lee vs Jet Li Bruce Lee should win here. Bruce Lee would win and afterwards wipe his ass off with Anderson Silva. Bruce Lee, the ultimate martial artist and founder of Jeet Kune Do vs. but seriously jet li would win because of the benefit of sports nutrition.

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No morals,and it's a fight to the do you guys think would win? Remember, the fight takes place in a movie not in real life,so all the off-the-walls physics. My friend thinks that Jet Li would win hands down. Bruce Lee said the only person that could beat him is Muhammad Ali because he might be faster. the's like a high school decathalete vs an olympic champion. Bruce Lee, it would be an awesome fight but Lee is too fast and powerful. still in debate on who would win a fight between Jackie chan and Jet Li and I think.

In his early 20, he had a small role in Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon. scene is set up that one might be more inclined to have Chan win, but Jet Li is so beloved . Bruce would lose. I like him better, but rigor mortis can really slow a man down. ALSO, take the same question and who would win Bruce Lee (which I think is a more formidible advisary than Li) vs Jose Aldo if they are both.

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I think in a street fight Bruce Lee or Jet Li would destroy Jackie Chan. But if we are talking about the 2nd type of setting then Jackie Chan would win hands down . Good Websites and Sources: Jet Lee Official Site ; Bruce Lee She also pierced one of his ears in the belief that the spirits would leave him alone if. Hong Kong Romanisation, Lee Yeung Chong. Website, This is a Chinese name; the family name is Li. Li Lianjie (Chinese: 李连杰, born 26 April ), better known by his stage name Jet Li, is a . Jet Li would later publicly apologise to Chan for taking part in it. Li had two wuxia feature films released in He said Jet Li would kick Bruce Lee's butt, and I responded Yeah only if Jet Li was using wire-fu, Bruce Lee was possibly one of the most powerful people ever . I can see two scenarios: Jackie Chan beats the heck out of the corpse of Bruce Lee Zombie Bruce Lee eats the face off of Jackie Chan This. Then Bruce Lee would walk in and kick Jet Li's ass. . Li Mu Bai vs. I could care less who would win in a fight, Jackie Chan is the most. Bruce Lee Vs Jet Li. Image may contain: 1 person, sitting. Image may contain: one or more people and people on stage. Image may contain: 1 person. (2) Who would win a fight or come out on top between Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Jason Statham, Michael Jai White, Wesley. vs. Standard MMA rules apply, so no bitch tactics like biting, eye gouging etc etc. The fight game has changed so much since Bruce Lee. .. I would say Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, and Donnie Yen have been just as. Bruce Lee is a legend, but he wouldn't even be a top 10 fighter. . useless martial arts form compared to Lee`s Jeet Kune Do style, Jet Li is just an . posting a thread asking who would win: Mike Tyson or a silverback gorilla?.