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How to cook venison tenderloin medallions


A venison medallion is a cut of meat that comes from the backstrap area of a deer . The meat that comes from a deer's back is some of the most tender meat you'll. Cooking venison on a George Foreman Grill is a great way to quickly sear the meat. Venison is delicious when served medium rare. Cooking times may vary. Start boiling/simmering rice. While sprouts & rice are cooking, cover venison medallions in milk, cracked pepper & salt.

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Easy recipe for how to cook venison tenderloin medallions fit for a starred restaurant. Enjoy the spoils of your Northern Michigan hunting. A venison medallion is a 1⁄2- to 3⁄4-inch slice of backstrap cut before or after cooking. Panfrying one perfectly every time takes practice. Grilled venison tenderloin medallions, wrapped with bacon and cooked to medium-rare, are the filet mignon of the woodsman.

Recipes for venison backstrap, loins, medallions. Venison Medallions, Backstraps, Tenderloins Venison steaks cooked simply with a fun wild rice pilaf . This list highlighting six delicious venison tenderloin recipes is sure to impress any Grill venison until medium rare; Serve marinade over venison medallions. During a dinner we recently shared, Carey mentioned we should do a venison recipe and offered to cook some tenderloin. How could I pass.

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Discover ideas about Deer Tenderloin Recipe Oven. Perfect venison tenderloin medallions recipe, cooking with rehydrated lobster mushrooms, ABCWednesday . Grilled venison tenderloin medallions Venison Tenderloin, Deer Meat, Seasonal Food, Man Food,. Visit Oven Fried Chicken with Balsamic and Garlic. So last night I did it again, using a venison loin (backstrap). The key to First dry the vension, cut into medallions, then rub it with the pepper and salt. Dry meat. Last night it was venison steak, tonight it is venison tenderloin. Thanks again Scott--and thank (another dear deer man!) lb venison tenderloin (medallions) . Venison tenderloin, or deer tenderloin, makes an elegant main dish. then his Mama cooking and serving it for their supper that evening. Cut into tenderloin medallions and serve with mushroom cream sauce, if desired. Venison tenderloins trimmed into roasts are wrapped in bacon slices, roasted, and I sliced the loins into 1 inch thick medallions, modifying the cooking time. Be sure to try this bacon-wrapped tenderloin medallion recipe. 1 venison tenderloin (backstrap); 1 pound bacon (any style); Homemade Italian or South of the Border While cooking, baste the medallions with remaining marinade. Grilled Venison Backstrap - The best way to prepare venison backstrap! Delicious and flavorful with no gamey taste! This marinade is the best!. venison steak medallions with burgundy wine marinade. lb. venison tenderloin cut into 1 in. pieces; 1 T. olive oil; 1 oz. package Burgundy Wine Cook steaks over medium heat on stove top for 3 minutes per side. My hunter friend gave me a venison backstrap that is thawing right now. backstraps into medallions and flash fry them, 30 seconds per side.