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How much to tip for massage


It's hard to unwind at the spa when all you're thinking about is how much to tip. Here's a guide on how much to tip for massage and other spa. I got a massage several weeks back. The price was $ After the session when I was getting dressed, I heard the therapist sighing “I'm so. There's nothing quite as relaxing as a great massage in a blissful atmosphere. But that zen-like state can often be interrupted with moments of.

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Massages are a wonderful way to treat your body. One option for determining how to tip a message therapist is to use the standard hospitality. If you're stressed out about how much to tip or what to wear, your massage won't be relaxing. Follow our massage etiquette guide for total. As in so much of life, it all depends on the specific situation. So when you have a $ massage, tip $15 if the service was average, and $

A massage is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but you won't enjoy it if you' re worrying about how much to tip your therapist. Fortunately, there are a few. Should you always tip after a massage, and if so how much? Join me in today's post as I attempt to break it all down!. Answer 1 of Hello. From the US, land of tipping, and wondering how much or what per cent to tip on a 1 hour massage in the UK? Thank you in advance.

For a normal massage(no hanky-panky) my standard tip is baht. If she does a really good job, then I give more, if not so good, then I give. Figuring out how much to tip at Massage Envy can be confusing. If you have a massage coming up, here's some help in determining the tip. Do you know how to tip in Japan? Most people are used to tipping service workers on a daily basis for many different things, but a massage are all activities that people automatically assume they'll have to tip extra for.

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So it's appropriate to tip a massage therapist the standard hospitality rate of 15 percent to 20 percent of the cost of the session. For example, the. I am scheduled for an hour massage to see if it will help with some gastroc cramping issues. Hour massage. I think it's $ This is my first. Should you tip for your massage? Yes! Understand when and how much to tip for massages on cruises, at all-inclusive resorts and in spas and. Experts sound off on tipping etiquette for facials, massages, personal trainers, acupuncture, holistic healing, and more. Chair massage and tipping: Do you tip after receiving a chair massage? What is appropriate? How much should you tip? Find out here. Hi Everybody, I will be coming to Pattaya again next week and was wondering what the going rate is for tipping the massage girls? A couple of. Do you tip the movers, massage therapist, nail technician? Tonight, MTV, Business News Network, Global News and many others. More like. Answer 1 of Not something i've come accross in any tipping guide:) I'm about to have a 90 minute in room massage. How much should i tip the massage. People are often unsure about this whole tipping etiquette thing. And there are a lot of opinions among clients and massage therapists. There aren't any real. I'm (finally) cashing in my birthday gift certificate for a massage at Sol Escape. What is the typical range for a tip for the masseuse? Thanks!.