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It could sound a little cheesy to some, but I'd like world peace. I would like to bring back a/several deceased relatives/friends. Other. Someone is getting ready to declare war on you and your people for the land you occupy. I'd be helping the wounded get better so they could go back to fighting for our freedom. Tags Personality Dogs Elements Water Earth Fire Air Element. The universe was created with 4 basic elements. We have all of them in our system in some shape or form. But we have certain materials more than others.

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What element suits you best out of all of these - Fire, water, earth, air, lightning, ice, light and darkness. Find out^^. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. This is a quiz for everyone to find out your element.:) Hope you like it. Find out which element is yours. (You could just look ok at the title.).

Element bending kids were long gone, well, centuries ago. Until one child came from the legendary city Adalar, controlling all elements, Air. The four elements are all around us. But they are inside us, too. Maybe I can help you find out what element connects with you. This is a seven question quiz with, mostly, easy questions to find out what element is inside you. In this quiz I will be sticking to the basic.

What are your powers, your story, your personality, and your secrets? Find out what your element is in this quiz! NOTE: I do not own any of the. What element are you? Light, Ice, Water, Life, Earth, Time, Tech, Fire, Wind, Magic, Dark or Death? Take it again if you want dual element. Are you Air, Fire, Water, Earth, or a blend of two? Find out here.

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HELLO! Take this quiz to see what element you are, just like the title proposes!. This is a 9 question element quiz. Browse through and read or take element stories, quizzes, and other creations. An element quiz with more thought put into it than color and favorable settings. Which natural element suits you best? Find out here. You can get Air, Electricity, Fire, Grass, Light, Stone, Shadow or Water. You're not gettin'. There's a lot of 'what power do you have' quizzes, but what element ARE you, if you ARE magic, which element would you be?. Elements are not based upon abilities; as a member of Astrum, shown by the species quiz, you are also born and infused with an element that symbolizes you . Find out what element your soul is most compatable with. Which element fits your personality. Which one can you control? One out of Seven, will you get the evil element? Find out here!. Find out what element you are! Images don't belong to me! Must I say more?. Out of these, which is most important to you? The best friend ever. All the knowledge and wisdom in the world. As many friends as I can get.