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How to convert datetime to date in sql where clause


You can use cast(CreatedDate as Date) to convert. But I don't think you need to convert in this case to compare. Just do: WHERE CreatedDate. I have a simple select query to filter data based on dates. I'm not sure why you are converting the datetime to a string but my guess is that you. i'm checking for a date range in SQL query app. where stmnt_creation_date >= convert(datetime, '12/01/ ').

sql get date from datetime

Hi, i'm checking for a date range in SQL query app. from statement where stmnt_creation_date >= convert(datetime, '12/01/ '). How would I write the WHERE clause to pull all records for a specific date such as 7/13/ The RecordCreated is a DATETIME field. The only temporal display format allowed in Standard SQL is ISO everybody (including you) knows that relying on implicit conversion, undocumented features. WHERE InsertedOn>=CAST(GETDATE() AS date) AND SET @Tomorrow = DATEADD(day,1,GETDATE()) SELECT FROM WHERE.

SELECT * FROM emp_reg WHERE joining_date between Convert(datetime,'01/ 01/') AND Convert(datetime,'06/02/'); Let me know. Getting the Date Portion of a SQL Server DateTime Field of the date would not turn the value into an expression that could be tested in the where clause. Convert a value to a DATE datatype: SELECT CAST( AS DATE);. Try it Yourself» YYYY-MM-DD. DATETIME, Converts value to DATETIME.

convert datetime to date in where

TeamSQL cross-platform SQL client blog provides tips, tricks, and advice for Option2 = CONVERT(date, date_of_birth); For example, when you convert a DATETIME value to VARCHAR, you can specify the output format. Convert a value to a DATE datatype: SELECT CONVERT(, DATE);. Try it Yourself». Definition and Usage. The CONVERT() function converts a value into the specified datatype or DATETIME, Converts value to DATETIME. You can use the system function getdate(), which returns the current date and time as a datetime value, and have SQL Server convert that value to a character. Don't convert date or time columns and never use strings to represent date or time But then you must always use TRUNC(sale_date) in the where clause. What's the difference between these two dates? Yes, SQL Server could rewrite the first query to make it like the second – but it just It works for DATETIME to DATE because there are special optimizer rules for that. I thought the CONVERT would have affected the SARGability, but apparently not!. The most common need for stripping time from a datetime value is to get all queries on SQL Server and above, use CONVERT(DATE). For now the best way to handle this specific type conversion is to use the SQL () extensions method that allows you to write backend-dependent SQL code. SQL's EXTRACT provides access to the parts of timestamps and dates (year, month, For more on this, see “Inappropriate Use in The Where Clause” below. Oracle date is more like the standard timestamp.2 A type conversion (cast) to and is now part of the optional feature F, “Intervals and datetime arithmetic”. Always try to avoid complex functions in WHERE clause. Think like this, on each row, it tries converting date column to DATE type twice for. In this tip we look at common mistakes when using dates in SQL Server and how SELECT CONVERT(datetime, ' ');.