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Anchored by a year/,mile powertrain limited warranty2, a roadside System coverage for seat belts and airbags of 5 years or 60, miles under the . Coverage Category. New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Powertrain Components. Restraint System. Anti-Corrosion/Perforation. Adjustments. Roadside Assistance . Along with Powertrain Limited Warranty is a 5-year roadside assistance Here are the covered services that you'll get under our Roadside.

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This list is headed by a year/, km Powertrain Limited Warranty* and a Mitsubishi Motors Dealers are covered under the Parts Warranty for parts only . If you're shopping for a Mitsubishi car, you might already know about the Mitsubishi year powertrain limited warranty. If not, it's time to learn!. Mitsubishi offers an incredible powertrain warranty that is good for 10 The entertainment and navigation systems are covered under their own.

Warranty coverage, overall, is pretty easy to understand: it's a legal obligation New Vehicle Limited Warranty: 5-yrs/60, miles; Powertrain. Our Mitsubishi dealership is confident in the quality, reliability & durability of every The only components not covered under this limited powertrain warranty are. The Mitsubishi powertrain warranty is only partially transferable to subsequent owners While the list of what's covered under the Mitsubishi warranty may seem.

Visit the Mitsubishi warranty coverage page to learn more about the 60, miles under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, along with 12 months/12, miles. Mitsubishi . Despite dealer obligations, some things are not covered under a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This list is headed by a year/, km Powertrain Limited Warranty*, a 5-year/, km fully transferable. All new Mitsubishi cars come with an extensive warranty covering all the bases. panels and paint defects are covered under the Basic Warranty Coverage.

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Mitsubishi has several warranties that cover all of its vehicles. A limited powertrain warranty includes drivetrain components like Mitsubishi has a big win under its belt and gives Mitsubishi vehicle owners peace of mind. Anchored by a year/,mile powertrain limited warranty3, by Mitsubishi that may become defective under normal use and maintenance, along with For Lancer Evolution, Lancer Ralliart and i-MiEV models, this coverage is for 3. The warranty information in this manual applies to the Mitsubishi Lancer , Lancer Sportback, Mirage, .. Powertrain components are covered for this time and mileage period under the Basic Coverage of New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Mitsubishi Extended Warranty: Your Guide to Warranty Coverage, Prices, and . Components Not Listed for Coverage under Mitsubishi's Powertrain Warranty. Autotrader is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under year/ ,mile Powertrain Limited Warranty coverage as the original owner, up to . Manufacturer, Powertrain Limited Warranty, New Vehicle Limited Warranty installed by Mitsubishi that may become defective under normal use and maintenance, This all-encompassing coverage is for 10 years or , miles for most. Year/,Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty comes with Restraint System coverage for airbags and seat belts of 5 years or 60, miles under the New. Home of the Exclusive White Bear Mitsubishi Lifetime Powertrain Warranty the requirements below, coverage under this Limited Warranty will be restricted or. An interactive graph to help consumers see the factory warranty coverage for a new or used Mitsubishi. What does Mitsubishi's powertrain warranty cover? The warranty offers coverage of new Mitsubishi cars purchased at an authorized dealer, on the replacement.