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Whether you own a dog breed of German heritage or you simply like the sound of German commands, training your dog to understand Deutsche can be a. Using a language of your choice is one way of teaching your dog to listen to only you, since dogs trained in German will ignore English commands until they are. Learn German dog commands and have a well behaved dog! Using dog training commands in a different language can help your dog learn faster! Find them all.

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Choosing to train your dog with German commands can be a powerful training tool and has its advantages. German dog commands have long been considered . Teaching German Sherpards their commands in German is a common practice among owners of the breed. These commands are often used for police dogs. Teaching your puppy to respond to German commands is not only useful for IPO training, but it can also ensure that your puppy will respond best to you, rather.

Above all else, training your dog should be fun for both of you! Teaching your German Shepherd training commands is second only to potty training and a 'soft . Here you will find commonly used German dog training commands for obedience , We have done our best to keep the spelling and pronunciations accurate;. Interesting in training your Rottweiler German commands? Well, yes, talented dogs are able to learn a new language if you know how to teach.

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Bought a German Shepherd puppy? Start training it now. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and will pick on to tricks and commands. Training your canine with dog commands in German is just like training it in any language. You need to establish command, become the pack. Common Schutzhund Training Commands, their proper pronunciation and of the German Shepherd dog's most desirable characteristics, dogs well trained in. Note phonetic pronunciations are shown in parentheses. A slash (/) indicates alternative possibilities. Keep in mind that the translations from English are not. Pust, Release The Bite, Poost. Stoba, Track, Stow-ba. Pfui, No, Phooey. Revier, Search For Man, Revere. Volno, Relax, Vol-no. Ticho, Quiet, Tee-ko. GERMAN. To teach this command to your dog, you should keep the eye contact with the dog , while offering a great treat that you hold in your hand and. The reason that most police agencies train their dogs using German commands is actually quite simple. There is a significantly reduced risk of. If you can speak German, your German shepherd dog can learn it, too. As long as you're teaching your dog German commands, you might as well teach her. When teaching your German Shepherd basic commands (especially as a puppy), you must. Teaching foreign language dog commands is a way to train your dog German or Spanish words for basic obedience commands, it can be.