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Watch this video series to learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee! Share these videos with your students for a quick refresher on Ultimate Frisbee rules. Guus recorded quite a lot, so a lot to learn from the video! Enjoy! - Competition Day 3 - Arnhem, 6 mei Short clip of Indoor Ultimate Frisbee (In Dutch). Ultimate Frisbee looks so good! Tag the people you need to play it with. Play Video. Share. Related Videos. · Girl Has Ridiculous Football Skills.

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Jul 8, by Aidan Shapiro-Leighton in Video with 0 comments VC Ultimate Throw of the Month: Pennsbury's Matt Krauss. This is one big throw. Ultiworld is the premier news media site dedicated to the sport of ultimate frisbee. © Everything's coming up frisbee! Earlier this year the USA Ultimate organization — amateur ultimate frisbee's governing body — signed a. In October, USA Ultimate, the governing body of ultimate in the Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

Brodie Smith and Marcellus Wiley compete in the Ultimate Frisbee Challenge on SportsNation. Michelle Beadle tries a Frisbee toss but she completely misses. You all have heard me talk about Ultimate—probably as long as Mark's Daily Apple has been around. The fact is, it's as thrilling for me today as. Brodie Smith (born August 29, ) is a former American Ultimate Disc League player and YouTube personality, best known for his frisbee trick shot videos. Brodie achieved internet fame in when his Frisbee Trick Shots video went.

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Ultimate frisbee player Amy Mackay shows off the proper technique. How to roll a Frisbee straight video. uploads//04/IMG_mov. Share This. My team is making a highlight video and we need a good song to go with it. We would prefer somethig that hasn't often been used.