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Inspector Spacetime is a direct homage to the long-running BBC science fiction TV show, Doctor Who. The show within the Community universe follows closely. For the television show, see the article Inspector Spacetime (television show) . The show within the Community universe follows closely the story of Doctor. They reference plenty of other copyrighted material, like Batman, Cougar Town, or Pulp Fiction. It seems weird that they had to make up an.

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Inspector Spacetime is a spoof of the TV Show Doctor Who that was created by the Tv Show Community. In the 3rd Season opener of the show Community. Last night, Community brought back its beloved Doctor Who spoof, Inspector Spacetime. This fake TV show has already become an internet. We weren't the only ones who loved Community's Doctor Who spoof, Inspector Spacetime. The internet, in its collective wisdom, has decided.

show that Abed and Troy are always drooling over - Inspector Spacetime? been running since and is a dead ringer for Doctor Who?. One week ago, popular geek sitcom Community threw us a second Doctor Who parody in the form of Inspector Spacetime. In seemingly no. Doctor Who v. Inspector Spacetime. Price: NFS. Medium: Digital Painting. Description: Made this in Photoshop. Community is among my top five favorite shows.

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The long-running science fiction television series Doctor Who has, over the years , been the Troy and Abed have been seen watching Inspector Spacetime throughout the third season. The season four episode Conventions of Space and. What began as a fan-created spinoff on TV Tropes has now been expanded into a full-fledged Inspector Spacetime wiki, featuring pages. Inspector Spacetime Do I pin this to my Community board or my Doctor Who bored? Both. Definitely both. The cult-fave sitcom Community created its own spoof of Doctor Who in Inspector Spacetime, which has been a recurring in-joke over the past. Luke Perry was Inspector Spacetime on an episode of . Perry played the “ Doctor” in the shows version of Doctor Who “Inspector spacetime”. NBC's cult sitcom Community will return next month, and its beloved Doctor Who parody Inspector Spacetime may also live on. io9 reports that Travis. Sylvester McCoy joins the cast of The Inspector Chronicles! about the big news regarding the Inspector Spacetime and Doctor Who mash-up!. What began as a joke obsession on Community first turned into an Inspector SpaceTime web series. Now, The Inspector is going big with a. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Inspector Spacetime, the Doctor Who parody on Community is becoming a reality ! Travis Richey, the actor who plays Inspector Spacetime on.