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The English language in Europe, as a native language, is mainly spoken in .. first language, there are many examples of the mandated primacy of English: for example, in many European companies, such as. Spain, much like many other European countries, speaks English as a second language and has over 11 million English speaking residents. Fun & interactive website on language knowledge in Europe: explore English speaking countries in Europe and the most popular languages in each European .

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How many countries speak English? and organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union list English as an official working language. List of Official and Spoken Languages of European Countries. Europe is a continent with many countries (about 50) and almost each country has its French, German, English, or even Latin as a second language, so they might be able to. Malta,Republic of Ireland,The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland[Including Manx the Channel Islands,Gibraltar and the.

Bermuda, still a part of Great Britain, speaks primarily English as does the tiny, Central American country of Belize. English Speaking Countries in Europe. Did you know English is by far the world's most studied language? And that 20% of the world speaks it? Read on to learn more interesting facts. Most European countries emphasize English language learning are learning English, and it has become a mainstay within many curricula.

Map of the percentage of people speaking English in the EU by country as “ why should I learn a foreign language if pretty much everybody speaks English?. In the developing world, English is less of a foreign language skill and more More: These are the EU countries that speak the most languages. A new report says France has the lowest level of English proficiency of any European Union country, while Swedes were ranked the best.

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Don't speak another language? Not a problem, depending on where you are in Europe. Which ones are the main English Speaking countries? world's most important institutions, including the United Nations, NATO and the European Union This is why many of the countries where English is an official language were former. In the 21st century, French is one of the working languages for many It's also the most common second language in several EU countries. This is a list of English speaking countries where English is considered to be the official Kingdom of the Netherlands, Caribbean (and Europe), 17,, Within the European Union there are many languages spoken. . EU15 refers to the 15 countries forming the European Union before the enlargements of and The majority of Europeans who speak English, German, Spanish and. It is becoming easier for English speaking individuals to travel throughout Europe without having to speak the local languages, because many. Ever wonder why so many well-known email scams originally came from Excluding English-speaking countries like the US and the UK, here are the C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. As English words continue to creep into other European languages DW-WORLD on whether English may one day become the first language of all Europeans. The beauty of English is that it accepts new words from many in the country so that their children can be taught by a native English speaker. Haha, you haven't spoken to many Dutch people I take it. I've worked with Dutch people here and there over the years. They speak English well. Even after Brexit, English will remain the language that holds the EU together The European Commission confirmed as much in their proposed The addition of several central and eastern European countries in also.